Posted by 5 days ago. KH3. Stream songs including "Dearly Beloved (from "Kingdom Hearts")". 2. Stream songs including "Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts)". share. 2.0k. ~Dearly Beloved~ All Versions starting from Kingdom Hearts to the new Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Final Mix. The End, also known as the Battle Report in later games, is a phrase used to refer to the ending of a work of fiction. Dearly Beloved is often the theme that plays during the ending frame of the game. As for dearly beloved it is the starting and end theme for every KH game I don't know if it was meant to reference Sora and Kairi, but it was meant to be emotional. Dearly Beloved I 0:04 Dearly Beloved -Reprise- I 1:14 Dearly Beloved Re:Chain of Memories 2:32 Dearly Beloved II 4:53 Dearly Beloved -Reprise- II 9:11 Dearly Beloved 358/2 Days 11:56 Dearly Beloved Re:Coded 14:50 Dearly Beloved Birth By Sleep 17:43 Dearly Beloved (From Birth by Sleep- A Link to the Future-) 23:06 Dearly Beloved 3D: Dream Drop Distance 24:41 Dearly Beloved (From … IGN listed the opening track for Kingdom Hearts, "Dearly Beloved", as number four on their top ten list of RPG title tracks. Even the MOOGLE had one. save. Since "Kingdom Hearts" is developed by Square Enix and Disney, characters of both fictional universes (such as Sora, Riku, Donald Duck and Goofy) appear in the game! Iulian moved Kingdom Hearts – “Dearly Beloved” from NEW RELEASES to Gaming OSTs shrillexrock on Kingdom Hearts – “Dearly Beloved” omg thank you so much @iuliang123 Listen to Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts) - Single by Salome Scheidegger on Apple Music. 8. 2.0k. hide. In their "Best of 2002" awards, Kingdom Hearts was nominated for the "Best Sound in a PlayStation 2 Game Editor's Choice Award" and was a runner up for "Best Sound in Game 2002 Reader's Choice Award". List in Game Release Order: 2002 - Kingdom Hearts 2004 - Kingdom Hearts ~ Chain of Memories 2005 - Kingdom Hearts II 2007 - Kingdom Hearts Re:COM 2009 - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 2010 - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 2011 - Kingdom Hearts Re:coded 2012 - Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop … When taking selfies, KH1 Sora is not amused. Listen to Kingdom Hearts - Dearly Beloved.mid, a free MIDI file on BitMidi. Play, download, or share the MIDI song Kingdom Hearts - Dearly Beloved.mid from your web browser. Also though KH1 plot features Sora trying to find and save Kairi, she is the primary driving force for both Riku and Sora. [36] Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep [A Link to the Future]) 9. "Dearly Beloved" is a beautiful instrumental piece from the soundtrack to to the game series "Kingdom Hearts". Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance) 10. Listen to Dearly Beloved (from "Kingdom Hearts") - Single by AmaLee on Apple Music. report. Is the Dearly Beloved theme connected in any way to the Final Fantasy “Prelude” menu song? It appears in different versions in different issues of the game. Press J to jump to the feed. It is included in almost every Kingdom Hearts game to date. 68 comments.