Release Date: 2017 | Tracklist. It’s certainly possible that these screeds could be revelatory for Eminem’s most delusional racist fans, but for those who’ve long since arrived and put in the work, it just sounds tired. When it ends with his very real 2007 methadone overdose, he imagines the effect of his death on his family on the album closer, “Arose,” with a funereal beat that interpolates an elegiac backing vocal with the beeps and gusts of air from life support machines. On the records that followed—his 2004 Encore, the inevitable Relapse in 2009 into Slim Shady, and his eventual Recovery—Eminem struggled to reconcile with the aftermath of his rapid ascent to stardom. Follow me along a wee metaphor, why don’t you, you cockmunching galoot you. Eminem’s consistent run of mediocrity over the last 15 years has not tempered his album sales, and it’s unlikely to start now—he remains one of the most bankable acts in pop. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. The Slim Shady suit no longer fits; once the outsider, he’s now the establishment. Most of the rest of Revival, besides the appallingly bad sampling evident on “In Your Head” and “Remind Me,” rests on the standard Eminem procedure; Alex da Kid’s compressed, lifeless beats, paired with sombre piano keys and minor-key balladry, most often accompanied with a pop starlet about 10-years too late belting a skyscraper and ear-bleeder of a chorus. This time he’s competing with a version of himself that no longer exists. On Revival, his ninth studio LP, Eminem is largely fueled by his own self-doubt, a creeping fear that we might forget he was once one of the best to ever hold a mic. These tragedies in Eminem’s life sucked him into what seemed to be a downward spiral as became more reclusive and relapsed back into drug addiction. Review by CompostCompote USER December 23rd, 2017 | 20 replies. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Eminem - Revival at Discogs. On “Heat,” he unleashes a ridiculous litany of dirty puns (“You got buns, I got Asperger’s”) and the type of convoluted double entendres that would make AC/DC feel like underachievers (“Sorry if I’m being graphic, but I’m stiff as a statue/You sat on a shelf, I feel like I’m a bust/Maybe I’m ahead of myself”). Save Eminem performs on stage during the MTV EMAs 2017 held at The SSE Arena in November. Jump to Comments. The confessional nature of his storytelling, often featuring his mother, his daughter, and her mother, laid bare his deepest insecurities and most twisted fantasies. In This Article: Eminem: Revival review – Marshall Mathers proves he's still the boss 4. Unfortunately, Eminem absolutely wasted it on Revival. But what tricks they are: part Big Daddy Kane, part Eddie Van Halen, part Marquis de Sade. On his overtly political ninth studio LP, Eminem is fueled by self-doubt. These multitudes might be reconcilable were his considerable technical gifts not consistently wasted on tired themes and lame attempts to revive an irrelevant persona he outgrew years ago. And on an album full of poorly matched beats and verses, the delicately morose guitar melody and heavy fuzz of the Cranberries “Zombie” suits his flow on “In Your Head” perfectly—even if the hook was pretty much cut and pasted from the original. At 45-years-old, Slim Shady still has some fight left. When that fuel exhaust is coolin’ off Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Eminem, Hip-Hop. Bhad Bhabie’s 18th Birthday Account Raises Questions, Prince’s Sister on Honoring Her Brother’s Vault of Unreleased Music, Missy Elliott, Eve, Swizz Beatz Mourn DMX, Springfield of Dreams: 150 Best ‘Simpsons’ Episodes, Mötley Crüe on Summer Tour With Def Leppard, Poison: ‘We Missed Being in a Band Together’, Gang Starr’s First Album in 16 Years is a Gift to Old-School Rap Fans. “I only go to meetings court-ordered from a shrink,” he jokes on a Revival pick-up line. Share on Twitter. In those early years, for all the controversy his lyrics caused, Slim Shady helped Mathers focus his energy, a cathartic outlet that was both messy and intensely fascinating. By the time a sober Marshall Mathers dropped the sequel to his defining work, he seemed desperate to prove he still had the ability to shock, disturb, and amaze with his skills on the mic. It will ultimately be for the listener to decide whether these songs land as an exploitation flick made of intricately stacked syllables (“In Hamtramck, got the panoramic camera, Xanax, a banana hammock and a Santa hat”) or a disgusting, unnecessary display of misogyny (“Gotta stab a bitch at least eight times/To make it on Dateline“) that’s more distracting than transgressive in the #MeToo era. But legendary executive producers Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin managed to stuff a bloated tracklist with uninspired production and instantly forgettable pop hooks. We want to hear from you! But after more than two decades, he’s older, well-fed, and in possession of pretty much every accolade there is to acquire. The majority of Revival is, well, a revival: a collection of labyrinthine raps without much of a narrative arc. This is the contradiction of Eminem in 2017. © Copyright 2021 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. The Wallflowers Announce First Album in 9 Years, 'Exit Wounds', DMX, Rapper Who Blended Aggressive Menace With Emotional Sincerity, Dead at 50, How Young Is Too Young on OnlyFans? What motivates a healthy, sober, 45-year-old father with enough money for several lifetimes? Best described as a dad-rap album, Revival was filled with forced scolding of Trump and embarrassing posturing within hip-hop. Read Review. ’Cause you don't got nothin’ left to prove at all Revival is a glaringly clumsy 79-minute word-salad lurch. Eminem's "Revival" sounds more like a decomposition and death of everything that made Eminem popular in the first place, instead bringing out his worst aspects to the forefront. But with many bland hooks and cringe-worthy punchlines, Revival is another late-career album that does little for his legacy. But by then, it was already apparent that he’d run out of stories to tell. 1.0 awful. He’s always wanted to be the best, and ever since he conquered the music world in the early aughts, it’s as if he has no idea where to go. In 2017, listening to an Eminem rant against police brutality or a racist president can feel like watching “60 Minutes” after spending the week on Twitter; a slow recounting of last week’s news. 7.0 | Drowned In Sound. Even Beyoncé couldn’t save “Walk on Water,” a stale piano ballad that undercuts Eminem’s attempt to explore the weight of his self-doubt. The brat who once boasted how he “Just Don’t Give a Fuck” now has an abundance of fucks to give. (Interscope) The demands of his core audience and bland beats hamper the rapper’s ninth album Eminem’s solipsism also gets interrupted by world events. The shock value comes not from the album’s overwhelmingly bland hooks or cringe-worthy humor (of which there is plenty), but from the moments where his growth as a human is most apparent. But the music didn’t grow with him. By Emily ... (scrapped from “My Dad’s Gone Crazy,” a song from 2002’s The Eminem Show). Suffice it to say, Revival is, by far, Eminem’s most pop-friendly album to date. A manifestation of Marshall Mathers’ inner turmoil, the persona served as a vehicle for his darkest, most violent thoughts and helped him step out from the shadow of his forebears to channel the darkest parts of himself. admits he agrees with his stance on pussy grabbing (“Why do you think they call it a snatch?”). Want more Rolling Stone? He can still be the same booger-flicking shock-rocker, just in a dirty old man’s body. His boyish obsession with internal rhyming and homophones is what unites the album. Revival concludes with a skilfully designed two-track finale which confirms Eminem’s conflicted nature. Share on Facebook. It’s not his fault that all Trump has to do to beat him is ignore him, but it is his fault that the beat makes it so easy to do so. Nor should he be deified for mackling about the privileges of whiteness and how hard it is to be black in America. Author: Matt Wilhite Updated: Aug 11, 2020 Original: These are not new topics in hip-hop lyrics, they’re just new for Eminem. Eminem details his own missteps and self-doubt over a mostly beatless track as the sounds of crumbling paper and errant swears underscore his lack of confidence. Another politically motivated Rust Belt blond, Paul Newman, once said “a man with no enemies is a man with no character.” And few musicians could boast more of either than Eminem, the poison-tongued, potty-mouthed scourge of Lynn Cheney, boy bands, clown posses and eventually – on a string of self-auditing post-rehab albums – himself. Having freed himself of substance abuse, he reconciled his toxic relationship with the mother of his child and the effects of incorporating his daughter into his art. That’s just all Eminem knows how to make now. Here, he follows his insane anti-Trump freestyle from the BET Awards with the huge piano-ballad screed “Like Home,” hooked around a soaring vocal from Alicia Keys: “All he does is watch Fox News like a parrot and repeat,” Em raps. It’s hard not to be disarmed by his apology for the big ears he gave her, or his acknowledgement of how he fucked up by hashing out their family’s domestic strife in public. Film. Here is a roundup of what the critics are saying about his comeback album. After the release of Encore Eminem suffered many pitfalls, from the short lived remarriage to his wife Kim, to the tragic loss and friend and rapper DeShaun Holton, mostly known as Proof. Eminem ‘Revival’ 1 Listen Album Review. While this shit dangled in front of my face Four years ago, the very first thing I wrote for Bearded Gentlemen Music was a review of Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2 —a now infamous review in which I gave the album 0 out of the possible 5 stars, got shit on by a few people in the comment section, and was called a ‘faggot,’ among other things, by Eminem’s fans on Twitter when the piece was shared via social media. The title of his ninth LP implies a nostalgic return, and its most electric moments do look back, suggesting a confused and conciliatory man taking stock of his own legacy – the kind of honesty that’s always made him one of hip-hop’s most compelling memoirists. Print. As he raps with precision on “Believe”: Man, in my younger days It’s a mini-series working like the raw docu-drama of open-hearted goosebumpers like 2004’s “Mockingbird,” proving that, when he lets you peek inside, Eminem still carries emotional heft. His pen game hasn't lost even half of a step, and he still possesses the neurotic edge that's always made him such a driving force in hip-hop. For the past 15 years, Eminem has been stuck in a feedback loop, revisiting different versions of his former self. The Alicia-Keys-featuring “Like Home” is equally limp and toothless, defanging Eminem’s attempt to battle Donald Trump. Musically, Revival is no different, chock full of piano ballads and pop-star features that echo the most cynically commercial corners of his catalog. The only thing the battle-tested, Oscar-winning, best-selling hip-hop artist of all time has to prove is that he’s got another classic in him, the one thing that he hasn’t proven since the curtains closed on 2002’s The Eminem Show. That confessional power also comes out as he revisits another favorite theme: his failings as a dad. While previous albums merely flirted with the sound, Revival has bought a ring and proposed to it. The eponymous interlude features a short verse from the late Alice and the Glass Lake that sounds like a sketch for something potentially great. Rapper takes stock of his career, says he’s sorry to his daughter and goes off on Trump on ninth LP, Illustration by Nigel Buchanan for Rolling Stone. He’d matured into a more evolved human. IFFR 2021: Friends and Strangers, Bipolar, King Kar, & Sexual Drive. Like the slightly less mediocre Marshall Mathers LP 2, Revival ’s saving grace is Eminem’s technical ability. And if the beats knocked, it would probably be tolerable, too. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream publications, the album received an average score of 50, based on 24 reviews, indicating "mixed or average" reviews. When Revival‘s confessionals work, it’s proof that, when the real Marshal Mathers stands up, he can still pull us into his evocative dramas. “Revival” is probably the best of his recent albums, but like much of his post-peak output, it is a mix of the entrancing and the mystifying, full of impressive rapping that’s also disorienting. It’s a tearjerker. Sign up for our newsletter. “Framed” and “Offended” return to 2009’s Relapse: self-consciously ultraviolent splatstick with sexual assault jokes on parade and pop culture punchlines updated with Bill Cosby, Ray Rice and Steven Avery. He raps from the hospital bed where he was shuttled after a 2007 methadone overdose and apologizes for all the things he won’t get to see her do. Review Summary: Tracheotomy Man sings Bohemian Rhapsody at a Chechen karaoke bar. The LP’s last two tracks, “Castle” and “Arose,” form a powerful suite that moves from his days as a struggling dad penning letters to his unborn daughter to the pill-hazed superstar screaming about her loss of privacy. Eminem has long been pushed to the edge and all his foes are dead. In some ways, Revival almost feels like Recovery 2.0. He sees himself as a crusader against his influence, champion of the bullied, a notebook full of disses at the ready. On his overtly political ninth studio LP, Eminem is fueled by self-doubt. And though it’s easy to empathize with his creeping self-doubt, it’s tougher to swallow in the context of an album that ultimately proves that those doubts are correct. “While he looks like a canary with a beak/Why you think banned transgenders from the military with a Tweet?” “Untouchable” even goes beyond vitriol to offer ideas: hire more black cops, the crap stops.”. Eminem Returns With His Highly Anticipated “Revival” Justin Angellar January 11, 2018. But while the long tracklist and equally protracted verses make for an exhausting listen, there are rewards for those that endure. It seems that despite decades of oversharing, self-analysis, bombast, outrage and drama, Eminem does, still, have something to say, as well as the means to say it. If Slim Shady fed on hate, what does he do now that he’s beloved? Share via Email. Shop Vinyl and CDs and complete your Eminem collection. On 1998’s The Slim Shady EP, he found his unique and disturbing voice. Given that Eminem’s last album, 2013’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2, went quadruple-platinum in the States, that defense mechanism seems needlessly spring-trapped. That being said, Eminem is due no accolades for having thumbed through a copy of Between the World and Me or for finally acknowledging the humanity of non-binary people. But sales and fame have never been his primary motivation. While Revival isn’t the defibrillator that Eminem needed to revive his dominance, the album has enough highlights to maintain decent replay value and enough lyrical miracles to … Much of early single “Untouchable” is indeed unlistenable, but how many other rappers are reminding us of KRS-One’s teachings that “there can never be justice on stolen land?” And did the man who once mocked Lady Gaga with the lyric, “She can quit her job at the post office, she’s still a male lady,” really just diss the 45th president’s ban on transgender service members? I didn't write this in my review, but 'Revival' is, by far, the worst album of Eminem's career. HipHopDX rolls out the official Eminem "Revival" album review, Marshall Mathers' ninth studio effort. Lyrically, Eminem mainly falls back on old tricks. Lyrically, Eminem mainly falls back on old tricks. Review: CODA’s Look at a Deaf Family Too Often Edges Over into the Saccharine. Any political statement Eminem could have brought to this album is overshadowed by obnoxious and absolutely clueless production. Revival is out now on Shady/Aftermath/Interscope. Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music. That dream was so much fun to chase Instead, he was written off as a swagger jacker who sounded too much like Nas and AZ. “River” (with Sheeran), “Tragic Endings” (with Skylar Grey) and “Need Me” (with Pink) are self-lacerating narratives about powder-keg relationships, each seeming like an attempt to recreate the lighters-up majesty of Number One hits like 2010’s “Love the Way You Lie” and 2013’s “The Monster.” On the Cranberries-sampling “In Your Head,” he says sorry to his daughter for forcing her grow on record with the fucked-up character of Slim Shady. He decries the president’s racism, then (jokingly?) Rubin’s contributions are particularly embarrassing; his re-hash of hits from the Rush/Def Jam days (“Heat,” “Remind Me”) suggest he’s completely out of ideas. But a certain indulgent messiness has always been part of the Eminem experience. He’s a triple-X LL Cool J on “Remind Me,” rapping about boobs ‘n’ butts while Rick Rubin flips Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll.”. Eminem: Revival Review. The majority of Revival is, well, a revival: a collection of labyrinthine raps without much of a narrative arc. Upon release, Revival, overall, received polarized reviews from music critics as many were divided over its perceived lack of focus, lyrics, heavy sampling of rock music in the production, and the abundance of pop artists for guest appearances. While Revival isn’t the defibrillator that Eminem needed to revive his dominance, the album has enough highlights to maintain decent replay value and enough lyrical miracles to keep mindful rap from totally flat lining. Eminem Revival. Album-opener “Walk On Water,” featuring vocals from Beyoncé, wonders if that legacy can still be built upon. It’s not until the album’s final tracks that we see a glimpse of the masterful storytelling he exhibited on early hits like “Guilty Conscience” and “Stan.” “Castle” is structured as three letters to his daughter, who, for better or worse, tends to inspire some of his strongest work. But, at 45, he hasn’t had a good pop-culture feud in ages, and his pill-popping days of vice are behind him. Were it released in 2017, it might be celebrated for its scholarship of the form’s early classics, a la Joey Bada$$ or Roc Marciano. These fears are relatable—what artist hasn’t struggled to find motivation?—if not necessarily interesting. ’Cause you done already hit ’em with the coup de grâce. Eminem’s ninth LP, “Revival” is out and so are the reviews. Eminem “Revival” Review. Unfortunately, months later, Eminem followed it up with Revival. Read Review. The criticism burned, and from that fire he formed his alter ego, Slim Shady. There are a lot of very poor examples of this, but … 6.8 | Paste Magazine. Eminem may be the most well known rapper of all time. It caught the ear of Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, who spent the next five years molding him into one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Review: Eminem, Revival. Eminem wonders this on "Walk on Water," the first track on his 2017 album, Revival, which arrives when the 20th anniversary of his 1999 debut, The Slim Shady LP, is just 14 months away.Aging is never easy for a star but it may be harder for Marshall Mathers, since his earliest records were equal parts rage and pranks -- emotions that tend to mellow as the years stack up. And the hunger pangs once you’ve won the race? “Believe” and “Chloraseptic” are the type of boast-heavy rap-a-thons that no fan of Run the Jewels would shrug at; Em even has a go at a Migos flow. He boasts the highest sales figures of any artist in the genre, and by a good margin. Eminem's "Revival" sounds more like a decomposition and death of everything that made Eminem popular in the first place, instead bringing out his worst aspects to the forefront. Released on a local Detroit label in 1996, it was either ignored or dismissed by those who rejected his whiteness and his borrowed aesthetic. On his latest album, ‘Revival,’ Eminem tries to be everything to everyone, and though he’s often technically dazzling as a rapper, he still falls flat. On Revival, his first album since 2013's The Marshall Mathers LP 2, Eminem looks inward, picking apart his own shortcomings, and outward, critical about the state of the nation he calls home. Eminem: Revival review – all woke up and nowhere to go 2 / 5 stars 2 out of 5 stars. However, at 77 minutes, Revival is a heavy listen, going deep on ballads with guests like Ed Sheeran and X Ambassadors. But Revival is ultimately plagued by the same pitfalls as Infinite, which found him shadowboxing against ghosts, unable to land any punches. IRFF 2021: Tim Leyendekker’s Feast and Selim Mourad’s Agate Mousse. But how do you keep up the pace Few texts in hip-hop are as bizarre as Eminem’s debut LP, Infinite. You know an album is bad when it's INTERLUDE that doesn't even feature vocals from the main artist is … He’s still firing off juvenile sex jokes (“Your booty is heavy duty like diarrhea”), but he’s clearly still tortured by his love for his child’s mother. It’s like I run in place You know an album is bad when it's INTERLUDE that doesn't even feature vocals from the main artist is … It’s who he is.

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