West.Coast.Customs. The company also noted its track record, but did not provide any concrete details. The series revolves around car customizer Ryan Friedlinghaus and his staff at West Coast Customs as they transform ordinary, factory-model vehicles into extraordinary, fully customized vehicles. they also sell west coast gear if you're into that . Civic Si (EG6) Cars. Motor Vehicle Company. [1] According to Friedlinghaus, one of his first customers was Shaquille O'Neal, who wanted a customized Chevrolet Suburban,[26] and this relationship helped him get contacts with other celebrities who were looking for custom automobiles. I can name a few people that I really have respect for in the car industry, and that’s because I know they’re legit. West Coast Customs (abbreviated by the company as WCC) is an automobile repair shop focusing on the customization of vehicles. [52], As early as 2008, USA Today noted that Friedlinghaus's auto shop routinely had 60-hour work weeks and employees had "insane deadlines" working for Friedlinghaus, a "self-described micromanager". West Coast Customs, a mecca for well-heeled car lovers, stars as their team creates some of the most luxurious, outrageous vehicles on the planet. [58] In the statement, besides denying that they had "talked down" to Paytas, WCC denied that its customization was the reason for the issues with her vehicle, claimed that the vehicle was late because she had changed what she had ordered "several times", denied that they had ignored Paytas as she claimed, and invited Paytas to contact them with any further requests or complaints for an "immediate resolution," noting that they had already committed to fix the problem (which, though they wrote it was "unrelated to their services", they would do it anyway "as part of providing excellent customer service"). West Coast Customs", "Incredible Work From 25 of the Best Customs Shops in the US", "The 10 Best Custom Shops – #1. 8 reviews #3 of 8 Tours in Burbank. [40] One of these cars was for Sylvester Stallone, who sold it at auction in 2011 for $132,000. As a side note, this was the last vehicle to be modified by West Coast Customs on the show Pimp My Ride, as the business was expanding, and WCC was too busy to commit to future episodes. West Coast Custom Cars. During the investigation, the government found that all employees were paid a weekly salary, regardless of how many hours they worked. Being at West Coast Customs was the best thing I ever did. Closed Now. Inside West Coast Customs is a car remodeling reality television show based in Burbank, California.The series revolves around car customizer Ryan Friedlinghaus and his staff at West Coast Customs as they transform ordinary, factory-model vehicles into extraordinary, fully customized vehicles. Oct 19, 2015 - Explore C•My Garage's board "West Coast customs", followed by 1840 people on Pinterest. Because employees were frequently coerced to work overtime, this resulted in a wage of $6/hour for some employees. "[15] A Twitter parody of the bus describes itself as a "gross demonstration of capitalistic overindulgence."[63]. We have all the answers! According to two contradictory statements in the Los Angeles Times, West Coast Customs was founded in either 1994 or 1998[1] by auto enthusiast Ryan Friedlinghaus. Car Dealership. He also claimed that very little or no mechanical work was done to the car, to the extent that he had trouble driving it home from the show's set. The show has featured cameo appearances by celebrities that include Shaquille O'Neal, Mark Wahlberg, will.i.am, Justin Bieber and Conan O'Brien. It was started by co-founders Ryan Friedlinghaus and Quinton Dodson in 1994. [51] The grand opening of the new facility occurred in December 2014. Ryan proved himself to be a worthy entrepreneur when he started his own business in 1994 when he was only 18 years old. Inside West Coast Customs premiered its eighth season in 2018. [54] Furthermore, until 2011, the company attempted to skirt minimum wage and overtime laws by classifying their on-site exclusive long-term employees as independent contractors, which is illegal in the United States. West Coast Customs Booking … [43], In 2012, Jalopnik reported that the rapper will.i.am and Friedlinghaus organized a publicity stunt wherein will.i.am pretended that his car, a DeLorean modified by West Coast Customs at a cost of $700,000, was stolen. [27][29] The show's format was that the Film producer at MTV would find typical Americans with junk cars, they would be given a short interview with Xzibit, Friedlinghaus and the WCC crew to determine their interests and hobbies, and then WCC staff would fix their junk car and also transform it into a custom car embodying the interests and personality of its owner. Automotive, Aircraft & Boat. [1] Following season 3, the show briefly dropped the Inside from the name and changed networks to Fox Sports 2. It has had some success franchising outside of the United States; it has opened franchises in Dubai,[20] and Shanghai (as Chinese: 西海岸汽车定制). Other customizations were a flat black paint job (with a red metal flake paint job on the roof with scallops on the sides and hood to match), four-inch whitewall tires, removal of the muffler and installation of exhaust pipes, and black and white vinyl interior. Instead of building the cars for the people chosen by MTV, the new show followed ongoing customizations being done for consenting customers of West Coast Customs. Will Castro with Unique Ride. Cars. West Coast Customs. [1] After the first season of Pimp My Ride, the company moved yet another time to a larger location near Los Angeles International Airport that had a room specifically for the filming. 1. The cars on display looks amazing. West Coast Customs has attempted to franchise its brand to other parts of the world with limited success. [18], There have been several high-profile incidents of quality issues outside of the context of the MTV program. Fan Page. [16] December 17 became the deadline that the company would ultimately keep, but when Paytas came to pick up the vehicle, she found that none of the electronic components worked, including those that are required for safety in the United States, such as turn signals, headlights, and windshield wipers. - Velocity", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Inside_West_Coast_Customs&oldid=1012233777, Motor Trend (TV network) original programming, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "The Armored Lounge for Sir Richard Branson", Trophy truck / Fiat 500 / Mercedes Sprinter, This page was last edited on 15 March 2021, at 09:28. Chronicling the a car-customizing shop in Corona, Cal., and their clients' project vehicles. [25], The company moved many times in its early years, but it was at its Inglewood location that WCC began to gain a reputation for quality, which caused celebrities to have their cars modified there. [16] Paytas uploaded yet another vlog five days after this incident,[57] after which point WCC uploaded its own video in the form of a scrolling text public relations statement. Inside West Coast Customs is a car remodeling reality television show based in Burbank, California. West Coast Customs Car Care features products formulated with the most advanced, innovative effective blends available in car care for both the interiors and exteriors of most vehicles. Improve This Listing. Friedlinghaus replied, "Not saying, 'when do I go home?' According to their report, it now "sits in a warehouse somewhere, collecting dust. According to Friedlinghaus, the first shop was in Laguna Niguel, California, after which it moved to Compton, California, in 1998. [18], During the episode, the team at West Coast Customs were told that Glazier had recently graduated from a degree program in audio engineering, so they installed an MTX Jackhammer high fidelity sound system (with accompanying decibel meter and warning light, in the words of Xzibit, to stave off deafness) and a record player inside the dashboard. Along with this change, it was also moved to Discovery HD Theater, which later became a different specifically automotive related cable channel, Velocity. The first season of Inside West Coast Customs consisted of 11 episodes which originally aired in 2011. According to Friedlinghaus, he began the business with a $5,000 loan from his grandfather, but other sources claim that he raised the seed money for the business while working at his father's liquor store. His charismatic personality, creative eye and serious skills … It was started by co-founders Ryan Friedlinghaus and Quinton Dodson in 1994. What's the Sweet Spot? Will there be Inside West Coast Customs Season 9? [55], In 2015, The Huffington Post interviewed three people who were participants on Pimp My Ride, one of whom had a vehicle that was "pimped" during the time that the location of the show was West Coast Customs, Jake Glazier (featured in Season 4 Episode 7, "Jake's Buick Century"). "[59], In 2010, Chinese online game operator The9 Limited announced Firefall, an MMO first-person shooter to be developed by Red 5 Studios as their first game. To control and manage capacity, limited reservations will be available each date and will be required by all guests in advance using Six Flags’ new online reservation system. According to Glazier, when the muffler was removed, three "fake" exhaust pipes were substituted instead: these were used to make the engine sound much more powerful to viewers of the television show, but they made the car needlessly loud. "[32], Street Customs would change names twice and networks four times, but its format remained constant. Cars and expectations for the final product would arrive on Monday, and employees had until the following Friday to complete a project, sometimes necessitating twelve hour work days. [41] In 2015, WCC created a car by combining the body of a Ford Maverick and the internals of a Ford Ranger for another film, Mad Max: Fury Road. Special event tickets are required. West Coast Customs", "The rise and fall of Mark Kern: how one man may have doomed Firefall and The9 (UPDATED)", "West Coast Customs Returned YouTube Star's G-Wagen Unsafe To Drive", "Customise your car in Dubai – image 5 "Three to try – local body shops, "RVLT Outfitted The Entire 60,000 Square Foot West Coast Customs Headquarters With Its Energy-efficient LED Flat Panels, LED Tubes And Other LED Products. Cars . In 2004, CBS News reported that the show consistently ranked first place in the 12 to 34-year-old demographic for its 9:30 pm time slot. A Japanese franchise is mentioned on the official WCC website, A Malaysian franchise is also mentioned in the 2013 HP video. WHAT WE DO. [54] In an interview with The Press-Enterprise after the fine was paid, Daniel Pasquil, the director for the wages and hour division of the West Covina office of the USDOL, noted that "the most important thing is that the company did correct the violations" and stressed that the company is now in full compliance. [2] One former employee, Mauricio Hernández, who would go on to co-found the Mexican franchise of WCC, claimed in an interview with NPR that during the period of his employment at the California branch (2004–2009), he worked ten to twelve hours per day, six days per week as an undocumented worker, without Social Security or any other benefits, and that by so doing he "missed...the childhood of [his] kids. [27], Nevertheless, after leaving Pimp My Ride, Friedlinghaus would almost immediately begin a new television program that aired simultaneously on Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel, Street Customs, produced by Pilgrim Films & Television. [1] In 2000, it moved again to a location on Olive Street in Inglewood, California. [12][13][14] However, the company has also at times been accused of missing deadlines,[15][16] using aggressive sales tactics,[16][17] and producing low quality and potentially unsafe customized vehicles. Sports Team. The CEO of West Coast Customs, Ryan Friedlinghaus, built his business from scratch starting with just a $5000 loan from his grandfather and a dream to build the world’s best custom cars. March 15, 2017 . Friedlinghaus described the difference between the two shows thus: "I want to build cars on TV, not for TV. The West Coast Customs Cruis’n the Park Car Show will run for a limited time – every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from February 26 – March 14. Inside West Coast Customs. West Coast Customs (TV Series 2013– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Due to all of the mechanical trouble, one month after acquiring the car from West Coast Customs, he sold it to MTX Audio for $18,000. KC's Paint Shop: Hot Rods & Restorations. [16] To her complaints about these issues, Paytas claims that the company told her to drive the car home and then to the Mercedez-Benz dealership from which she bought it to ask them for an in-warranty repair. The 30-minute Cruis’n the Park Car Show will be narrated by West Coast Customs CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus (available via a free mobile app download) with … Inside West Coast Customs: Season Five Launches Next Week. He founded his company West Coast Customs in the city of Laguna Niguel located in Orange County, Califo… Find TV episode dates, watchlists, and tracking information to watch West Coast Customs online on SideReel - Ultimate Rescue Truck, The Continental Camaro, Joe Jonas Falcon S08, El Dorado Seville, WCC's Pumping Iron, SEMA Neckbreakers, From School … (Tuning)", "DISCOVERY NETWORKS DEUTSCHLAND produziert mit "Street Customs Berlin" erstmals internationale TV-Serie", "Street Customs Berlin: Partybus für die Bloodhound Gang", "Abre PacifiCoast Customs | Ya puedes "tunear" tu nave en Culiacán", "Mauricio Hernández deja WCC y crea PacifiCoast Customs", "Ryan Friedlinghaus and WCC are going BIG! [15] The customization of the bus was featured on Inside West Coast Customs in Season 3 Episode 4. Virgin Gaming: The Armored Lounge 43m. [2] The legal entity, West Coast Customs International, LLC, was incorporated in California on October 20, 2000. Because MTV was no longer footing the bill, all episodes of the new series were about cars built for people who could afford the high cost of customization. [58], After receiving the repaired vehicle, Paytas wrote on Instagram that although "it was a bit of a struggle getting [it] [...] I do love my [car] so very very much. The new West Coast Customs Cruis’n the Park Car Show at Six Flags Magic Mountain will offer a contactless experience that follows CDC, state, and county health and safety guidelines. Furthermore, the dashboard instruments did not function. [38], According to Friedlinghaus in an interview with The Press-Enterprise, the 2008 global financial crisis affected his business heavily: he had to lay off half of the company's employees, orders decreased, and customers opted to have used cars repaired instead of buying brand new cars to be customized. Located in Southern California, the shop houses a veteran team of technicians, fabricators, designers, electricians, painters and so much more. The West Coast Customs Cruis’n the Park Car Show will run for a limited time – every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from February 26 – March 14. [24] A young Friedlinghaus had gotten his custom vehicles featured on the covers of auto magazines by age 14, but he became frustrated with the tedium of dealing with multiple specialty shops, which led to longer times to build the vehicles. The new building is nice. Watch Inside West Coast Customs on discoveryvelocity.ca and see famed car customizer Ryan Friedlinghaus and his crew continue to take common vehicles from ordinary to extraordinary. [45] In March 2017, the television show moved back to Velocity with a new season;[46] Velocity then renewed the show in January 2018. [1], Pimp My Ride was extremely successful, spawning international spin-offs, and its success increased the profile of West Coast Customs substantially. With Ryan Friedlinghaus, Hunter Clancey, Wilee Delarosa, Emeline Gridley. (Photo: Business Wire)", "Style points score billions in this industry", "West Coast Customs will no longer pimp yo ride", "Q&A: Full speed ahead for West Coast customizer", "The expendables' F-100: LMC truck teams up with West Coast customs for a wild ride", "Sylvester Stallone's "Expendables" Truck Sells for $132,000", "West Coast Customs Made a Magnum Opus Car for Mad Max Game, and It's Apocalyptic", "Discovery's New Velocity Channel: What Do Rich Men Want? Watch Full Episodes, Get Behind the Scenes, Meet the Cast, and much more. 47 reviews of West Coast Customs "Oh man been wanting to hit this place up since it has open. CS1 maint: bot: original URL status unknown (, 编辑了解到, 今年8月,大家期待已久的三款豪华定制车将由西海岸汽车定制带到中国上海 。, "Customizing Cars, a Career and Even a Show on MTV", "West Coast Customs Announces West Coast Customs Academy And Launches Indiegogo Campaign", "LA Auto Show video: West Coast Customs make life size Mario Kart", "Microsoft, West Coast Customs Create the Ultimate 400-hp 'Device, "The 20 Best Custom Car Shops in America – 3. In 2015, Trisha Paytas, a singer-songwriter and internet personality, had her three-week old 2014 Mercedez-Benz G-Wagen customized by WCC. They Are Notoriously Slow. [47], On August 29, 2018 it was announced Six Flags Magic Mountain was in the process of constructing a roller coaster named West Coast Racers, which was designed in part by West Coast Customs. The staff was friendly . Do you think Inside West Coast Customs should be cancelled or renewed for another season? Growing up, Ryan would customize his friends’ bikes and skateboards. It first premiered on February 20, 2011, on Discovery Theater. West Coast Customs is your one stop shop for all your car customization needs. As a fan of all there work it's cool to go and be able to walk in to the store and actually see what they have. [21][22] Other franchises, however, such as the one in Berlin, closed shortly after opening due to becoming insolvent. West Coast Customs (abbreviated by the company[8] as WCC) is an automobile repair shop focusing on the customization of vehicles. Motor Vehicle Company. West Coast Customs spared no expense and went to great lengths to wow and inspire viewers with every new project. [50], The company has moved several times in its history, each time to larger spaces. Stay tuned with the latest Inside West Coast Customs cancel/renew … But where the cars really shined was on the inside, where Ish wrapped seats, door panels, dashboards and more in beautiful leather and other fabrics. 7 Pink Mini Cooper (Worst) via autocar.co.uk. Shop the Official West Coast Customs merch store for all West Coast Customs related merchandise. ", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=West_Coast_Customs&oldid=1005689821, Automotive motorsports and performance companies, Motor vehicle manufacturers based in California, Automotive repair shops of the United States, CS1 maint: bot: original URL status unknown, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Articles containing simplified Chinese-language text, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles containing Russian-language text, Articles containing Malay (macrolanguage)-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Quinton Dodson, Chris G. Cooley, Dana Florence, On September 14, 2008, a franchise was opened in a converted factory building along Revaler Straße in, Mauricio Hernández, a former employee at the California location hired just before the debut on. Glazier further claimed that when it was time to receive the car, Dana "Big Dane" Florence intimidated him to act more enthusiastic for the cameras, saying "Listen, we put a lot of work into this. After the second deadline was missed, she uploaded a vlog[17] to YouTube about her experience, and thereafter claimed that WCC threatened her with a lawsuit if she refused to remove it. They are the most innovative vehicle customization shop in the world. See all hours. As CEO, one of Kern's major tasks was promoting the game, and he chose to do this in part with a custom designed tour bus worth US$3 million made to look like one of the vehicles in the videogame and to be converted into a game room on wheels.

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