I used the dmx 1-step product in our basement with the golden select laminate from Costco. FAQ’s and useful information about DMX 1-Step. DMX 1-Step 2.0 is designed specifically for Use In Basements and/or Areas Where Moisture is a Problem No moisture means No mold growth under your finished floors! Cost to ship 1 roll of 1-Step: UPS 3-Day: Cost to ship 1 roll of 1-Step: This is a space-holder for \'response\'. There is no need for OSB or Plywood. "DMX 1-Step" is from what I can tell, a more traditional dimpled plastic underlayment, where the dimples are pushed out on the bottom, leaving concave dents on the top. Product Cost Ship/Item Quantity Total; The most advanced underlayment on the market. DMX 1-STEP™ underlayment is the industry's leader when it comes to Flooring Underlayment for finishing basements. I used concrete-DMX-10mm laminate and there is no excessive noise, and after a month down in the basement no issues noted. Just lay it down, tape it and install your choice of flooring on top. If I remember right I think it was 5 or 6 rolls of 1-step. Since it seems to be one of your main concerns, all of the seams are tuck taped so I think that will create a solid water barrier from underneath. DMX Plastics Limited (DMX) began manufacturing dimpled membranes for ground water management in 2004. DMX 1-STEP 2.0 is designed specifically for use in basements and/or areas where moisture is a problem. No tools. Luckily my floor was level, but you wouldn't want to put it down on something that wasn't level. I used DMX 1-step on a recent laminate over concrete install. 04/07/2020. Ultimate Assurance. Works nicely. Installation. It seems to have a top layer of "closed cell waterproof foam" and has a stated compressive strength of 6,000 lbs/ft2. Unique and effective solution to protect your floors from mold & moisture. Best for Vinyl: DMX 1-Step 2.0 Underlayment Buy on Home Depot Vinyl is thinner than laminate, which means you need more vertical deflection so there’s no movement in your floors; this DMX 1-Step 2.0 has 325 dimples per square foot for added support. Easy to install and cost effective as a DIY job. There is no need for OSB or Plywood. DMX 1-Step 2.0 is VOC free, which means that it does not off gas harmful fumes into your living space. Amir Benbaji. 100% 8.63K Views. By Amir Benbaji. True ONE-STEP Easy Installation. Screenshots. Backed with a 50 Year Warranty & more. No trouble. Industry-leading 6,000 lbs/sq.ft compressive strength means that DMX 1-Step will easily support heavy furniture. 0 Comments. No moisture means no mold growth under your finished floors. The unique air-gap design and high compressive strength of the DMX 1-STEP™ underlayment makes it the ideal technical solution to your moist Certified by the North American Laminate Floor Association (NALFA) During that time, DMX has steadily grown to be one of the largest suppliers of foundation wrap and drainage boards in North America. DMX 1-Step 2.0 Underlayment; DMX 1-Step Carpet; Warranty; About; Buy now. Subscribe Subscribed 0 23 videos . Laminate Flooring Installation with DMX 1-Step Underlayment – Laundry Room Makeover: Part 7. About us. Floors Plumbing and insulation. DMX 1-STEP 2.0 is VOC free, which means that it does not off gas harmful fumes into your living space. 1 Likes.

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