Follow our LinkedIn page to stay up to date with CXO and get exclusive access to premium content only available on LinkedIn. The buyer takes on a lot of risk. // ]]> Get advice and best practices about eCommerce, multichannel, retail, and more, delivered right to your inbox, every Monday. Required fields are marked *. Collect insights from your customers about how they use your products, and … I totally understand the concept, but giving the user so much freedom is more confusing than helpful. This is not an SEO-optimized URL, and there probably isn’t much they can do about it, short of changing eCommerce platforms. Because they sell expensive outerwear, Canada Goose relies on a 2-products-per-row structure to highlight the visuals and deliver a more “premium” feeling to the user’s experience. When you fail to deliver that experience, you lose potential customers to a webstore that can. The closest thing this product page has to up-sell or cross-sell recommendations is a small, not clickable banner that advertises two things that don’t matter to me: free shipping on kitchen appliances and the fact that they have the area’s largest Tempur-Pedic mattress selection. tags. RevZilla does a great job at guiding customers through the endless journey of finding the right motorcycle helmet. Allbirds: Collect Warm Leads on Product Pages. The product list effectively dictates product presentation and provides the pathway to the right (or wrong) product page. This would help you provide reviews on your site without having to generate them yourself. Ecommerce store owners know that if shoppers can't see the merchandise for sale, they won't buy it. These are for very different sets of customers. Product Listing 151 inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers. Pre-configured templates for client-side experiments and personalizations. The URL could be improved a little, but its acceptable. When a customer sees that other real people have completed the purchase, and (even better) were happy with it, the anxiety to click “Add To Cart” starts to melt away. The layout of the product pages makes the most important information hard to find. As a shopper, I care about a lot more than just size. UX/UI design patterns can vary according to your site and depend on the extent each component is used (ie. Copyright © 2020 | All Rights Reserved, nChannel, e-Commerce Catalog Management - Fission Infotech. Please use darker font color, my eyes hurt, it is very nice article and good post thanks for sharing this article to us, i really like this article because i got good info about this article thanks for haring this article to us .best regards. Combining LED and LCD (an older standard) TVs is a big miss. This is the “Amazon experience”. They’re basically the main indication of the page’s content and should be treated accordingly. They use a generic page title, which I assume is used throughout most of the site: Home Appliances, Home Electronics, TVs, Televisions in Columbus Texas | Columbus Television & Appliance. Auch ähnliche Suchbegriffe werden angezeigt. We chose to break the product detail page elements into three core-categories: creative, technical, managerial. The webstore does not have a single television listed, nor any mention of televisions. Beauty specialist Ulta bets on shiny visuals to increase its headers’ visibility: it’s a good solution to avoid “all text” headers that can seem dull at first glance. My post aims to give you some tips to consider for testing improvements and designing your Product Listing Page (PLP). The URL for this page is a mess too, and it likely has to do with the maturity of whatever technology platform they are using. These pages are usually linked to from the category navigation bar and include filter options. Don't miss any of the content you care about. Product Name. [CDATA[ Best Buy has provided enough options for drilling down into their products that virtually any interested buyer can find what they want using the criteria that is important to them. All of the important pieces of information like the product name, price, and rating are above the fold. I live in Columbus, OH and would like to try to give my business to someone local. PRODUCT LISTING: Suche: X fuzzy search Fehlertolerante Suche. And, they get bonus points for adding the item number to attract searchers who know exactly the product they want. This store is in Columbus, TX, which is a bit of a drive for me in Ohio. Images should display the item from multiple angles in a neutral setting, preferably with a white backdrop. It’s a good fit for technical products. We're here to help! Community Rate. For each site page … Product Listing Page Template. How effectively did the eCommerce merchant optimize the page to be found by search engines like Google. In order to help you choose, here’s a list of information that may be displayed on your product listing page: BestBuy does a great job of providing useful information on their product listing page. They make no attempt to try to sell my a TV mount or a universal remote. They also use tags to rank the bestsellers and lure visitors into clicking on the products based on their popularity. How well are the products described on the product page? When you hover your mouse over any of the blocks, the picture or icon animates -- the bottles … Upsell on product pages by highlighting price savings. We recommend providing a Store listing in each language that your packages support, but you have flexibility to remove languages for which you don’t wish to provide a Store listing. If someone like .5% of customers leave a review, you’d have to sell 200 of just that product online for one review! Images are de rigueur as far as product pages are concerned. There isn’t much else to say about it. There are some good ones out there, and some really bad ones, and I’d like you to know the difference. They do provide a widget for “Related Products” but they are all other TVs. I figured I would use this opportunity to talk you through the anatomy of a good eCommerce product page. Below the title and bullet points, there is usually a longer, more detailed paragraph that more thoroughly describes the product. Which encourages them to click through to your website. Leaving a space for reviews that remains empty is worse than just not adding that to your site. HHGregg provides drill-down navigation to filter the televisions by three of the four criteria, but I cannot filter by customer review. There are two main reasons that justify the dominance of Product Listing Pages regarding SEO: Because they contain the names, brands, prices, specifications, and descriptions of products, category pages tend to be keyword rich, meaning that they naturally rank for a lot of keywords in search engines. Besides, never forget to include your keywords inside your

tags: they’re part of your on-page SEO efforts that will help you appear higher in search results. If you need support with your nChannel implementation, send us an email at: It also allows for more visual experiences. That’s because each word is a potential keyword for organic search. But, there are two major problems with the product content. This title would be appropriate for the home page, but that’s about. Activate the extension. Appliance Center does not carry any of the brands I’m looking for, but for the sake of argument, let’s say I’m interested in this one. One of the bolder elements on the page is an icon encouraging me to download Adobe Reader. It also includes the item number. Some may search for a product if they know precisely what they want, but many more rely on browsing to discover what products are available and which best suit their needs. Size of the TV, UHD picture quality, customer reviews, and price are what is most important to me. Finally, Best Buy has done an excellent job making up-sell and cross-sell recommendations for me. It has been studied. That said, let’s keep analyzing with this product, a range hood…again, for the sake of education. The product is relatively well described, and there is even a Quick Specs section above the fold. Some products natively require more information than others: the more space they need, the fewer products you will display. Yep, I’ll need that TV mount. However, if I’m shopping around and I know I want a Samsung or a 55″ or a curved Ultra HD, all of those keywords are present. Once I click into the product family that I’m shopping for (televisions), all the products are shown next a checkbox list of attributes I can use to narrow my search. Download and install the extension. khatabwedaa 37 components. Product Listing 151 inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers. Of course, … Some shoppers know exactly what they want. That being said, your sorting options should be based on your audience’s needs and their expectations regarding your products. Product Title (Headline) The main headline of the page should include the name of the product. Fortunately, Best Buy has provided social proof, in the form of reviews, to boost my confidence in the product. This category page title should describe what I’m looking at which is a category for under-cabinet range hoods. Audience management & activation, AI-based segmentation, product recommendations. The information in the ads come from your product data feed. Better attribution and a better visual layout would make this information much easier to digest. And, the list goes on. The product title should clearly identify the item and distinguish it from other similar products. Simply blasting products to a website is not enough. But when you just list the features, you’re not actually helping your buyer understand how your product will help them. In short, product listing pages (PLP) are the results of either category pages or internal search results. All product thumbnails on are displayed on a grey background meant to increase the contrast and highlight the products. Examples include: selling TVs, computers, electronics, DVDs, hardware…. I see the description. Best Buy really knocks it out of the park with their eCommerce product page listing. The following criteria are used to evaluate each of the product pages in this article. Product pages are often a potential customer’s first impression of your eCommerce business. Product listing pages are where you want your customers to start their journey (or alternatively on the product page itself) which is why SEO pros tend to focus their efforts on these pages. This is a risky bet for a small retailer. Looking to improve your e-commerce shopping cart page performance? 6. It’s all tailored to match customers’ expectations – and it delivers. Fabletics: Evoke Curiosity to Increase Signups. Is all the relevant information present? That does fit one specific use case (I’m browsing and would like to see similar/competing products), but what if I’m ready to buy this one? I see the picture. This product page displays no social proof, failing to nudge me to purchase. And, the “Add To Cart” buttons are all right there, so I don’t even have time to rethink it. Add Persuasion Triggers to Product Images. It’s loaded with the right keywords, including the location. Of course, having a product list is great because it gives you the exact overview of goods in stock, making the ordering process simple and straightforward. If you opt for a grid view template, there’s no doubt that you’ll eventually come to the “how many products per row?” question. It’s not always an easy thing to pull off. Let’s talk about a product page that … Elements of a Product Detail Page – Creative Concerns 1. [Click here to see OfficeSpace's full product page.] Cross-selling and up-selling is a huge part of retail, and it’s the responsibility of your product page to make that happen. Profile On. Often taking the form of category pages or search results, product listing pages act as a catalog on your e-commerce site. However, I would recommend leveraging a platform that brings in reviews from elsewhere to establish social proof. Listing pages act as a gateway to your product pages. You can be like Best Buy. If you’re in this position, you have to be more creative. HHGregg did not include the model number in this SEO-critical title element, so a searcher using the model number is less likely to find HHGregg’s page. The product listing page is the most important part of your eCommerce site. I’ll also help you understand what you need to do to improve your product listing pages. Starting at the homepage, find the three bunnies hidden across our page for a chance to win egg-citing prizes! , A step-by-step guide any business can use to start personalizing the customer experience, AB Tasty named in the Forrester Wave: Experience Optimization Platforms, as a contender, 408 Broadway NY 10013, New York, United States, Abtasty-icon-professional-network-linkedin. Download. While they do a better job than Columbus TV and Appliance, there’s a lot of room for improvement. hbspt.cta.load(552642, '88db86b7-eb31-44cf-a252-4ddb5d56a195'); However, they missed a huge opportunity. E-commerce product page with search. Even better, Best Buy placed these accessories next to the “What’s Included” section of the product page, so I can see very clearly that the HDMI cable and TV mount that I need are not included. During our large-scale usability testing, solely the design and features of the product listing page impacted users’ success rate in finding products they wanted to purchase by up to 400%. Second, there is so much content on this page that its overwhelming. Your product listing page. When it comes to product naming conventions, the more descriptive, the better. You can also create Store listings in additional languages which aren’t supported by your packages. The name of this company and website would suggest that I could purchase a television in Columbus. Now, I did make one mistake. Using SSL for sensitive transactions, demonstrating proper certifications, and creating a professionally designed webstore are all ways to do that. This page includes a spot for reviews, but there aren’t any reviews. Google favors product pages … The recipe for success doesn’t change for your product listing pages: you just have to A/B test them. A small product description along with its category is also displayed. The info on this page checks all the boxes for me (the TV purchaser). You have to assume that you’ll need a good amount of sales before you have enough people to leave reviews. They are sometimes also referred to as shopping ads and can appear on various Google properties. Magento: Show all store categories in sidebar on product listing pageHelpful? Quick View is an ecommerce function that allows visitors to generate a miniature version of the desired product page. A local store like this has to approach SEO differently than a big box retailer. I guess a Roku would be kind of cool too. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If I’m searching for a 55″ curved UHD television, this title is quite optimized for that keyword. SEO is one of the most effective ways you can bring traffic to your site, and when done correctly it has virtually zero cost. By properly attributing their products, I was able to start at and drill down to exactly what I want. uses “grid view” to display products inside its “gift ideas” category. Note. They make no attempt to get me to buy a bigger TV. So, when searching I came across Columbus Television & Appliance. 3. This user experience is confusing at best, frustrating at worst. The overall look and feel is distracting and dated, which reduces my trust in the brand. Product Name. by content, location on the page, scrolling done and across the page) The “Q&A” tab only contains one very specific question, so its kind of useless and distracting. Their domain has a lot of factors that indicate it as an authority to Google, and you can’t just flip a switch to make that happen. It means you’re convincing them to send money to a stranger they’ll never meet in hopes that the stranger will send back something that matches the few pictures on the website. HHGregg kind of misses the boat on recommendations. You can find general rules that apply to all products in the Amazon Services Quick Start Style Guide. For inspiration and ideas, check out these … The number or products listed per row also depends on your total number of products for a given category. I also found Appliance Center, who actually is located in Ohio. First, there is no pricing. I see the price. Recommended best practices for Product Listing Pages. They are displayed prominently. This gives ecommerce sellers the opportunity to capture a visitor’s imagination through the power of entertaining, relatable copy. Glossier: Show Your Products in Real Life Unfortunately, there’s no consensus on the matter and ecommerce experts have gotten into endless debates to solve this issue without much success. Full screen Preview. They likely won’t have the domain authority or brand recognition to rank as well as someone like Best Buy (see later example). Then, in the “Accessories” tab, they remind me of all the related products I need to buy. This could certainly be beefed up (compare it to the listings you’ll read later in this post), but it’s a start. The content is clear, well organized, and easy to read. Regarding their size, it all depends on your brand image and your industry: fashion and apparel generally opt for bigger visuals. There’s a missed opportunity by not providing actual recommendations for related products. A/B tests, multivariate, split, multi-page, predictive, bayesian statistics. When it comes to promoting your product online, a well-designed product landing page can make all the difference for a successful launch.. masno is a multi-purpose page from Envato Elements that's perfect for your next product landing page.. They play a huge role as a “catalog” because they actually display all products inside a category or after a filter is applied. We’ve put together a list of best practices to focus on to optimize your product listing pages. In each section of the Google Home product page, for example, features are described in a creative 5-10 words: Try techniques like rhyming words or coming up with your own unique one-liners to help set your short descriptions apart and give them personality. Congratulations! My only complaint is that their layout is a little clumsy, including some minor UI bugs. This year, 4 lucky winners will be drawn at random to win a 50€ Amazon gift card! WatchShop knows that watches come in all sorts and shapes and thus they created various sorting options to match visitors’ requests, including water resistance, strap type, case color, movement type and so on. However, recent research led by Baymard found out that Quick View actually does more harm than good when it comes to users’ interaction and conversion rates; simply because some users confuse the Quick View with the full product page. Ease and speed of an all-in-one platform to delight your customers with compelling experiences.​. That means I need (yes, need) to buy a television to be the centerpiece, and I’ll be shopping online. That’s a rabbit hole that does not have a product purchase at the bottom. Comply with the relevant style guide for the product you're listing. They ask for minimum and/or maximum values. We’ll look at four examples that represent four different levels of product listing maturity. Effective presentation of product content is a combination of good data management and well designed eCommerce store templates. This is what most people expect from an eCommerce site. AI and machine learning, data collection, analytics and reporting. There is no secret when it comes to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): testing is what makes it work. These issues represent a clear disconnect between the product information available and the technology creating the customer experience. E-commerce product listing page. They use their left column to help customers sort and rank products according to several criteria (faceted search): Bonus point: RevZilla provides visitors the opportunity to only display products that have a “video review”: a huge value proposition compared to their competitors. The NSF Product Listings show currently listed companies and products. When I started at the HHGregg homepage, I wanted to filter down to exactly what I want. One of your most powerful trust-building opportunities is to provide customer reviews. buying used laptops in hyderabad, […] out what a good product listing page looks […], Your email address will not be published. Yes, I do need a new HDMI cable. I was able to find some attribute-driven navigation…kind of. These terms are in the URL as well–another important ranking factor. Here’s the page title: QS230BL in Black by Broan in Columbus, TX – 30″, Black, Under Cabinet Range Hood, 300 CFM. In the world of online shopping, most e-marketers are well aware that product pages play a significant role in the buyer’s journey – as they are the main interface between products and users. In fact, it all depends on what type of products you’re selling and what experience you want to provide. How effectively does the webstore use product attribute-driven navigation to allow me to drill down to the exact product I want? Why FinTech and eCommerce are the Perfect Match. They provide a few high quality images of the product, and even include a video product demo. “Say it to play it” used here by Google is a great example. From people to vision, learn what makes us tick. However, this where the page starts to break down a little…. Well, here’s the thing: we’re A/B testing specialists. I would recommend utilizing a shared user-generated content system, like BazaarVoice or Yotpo, to leverage someone else’s scale. Usable homepages, category pages, and listing pages are critical to the browsing experience. Creative Concerns; Technical Concerns; Managerial Decisions; Elements of a Product Detail Page – Creative Concerns 1. It is important to capture the buyer as soon as possible. The 10 most important practices to create perfect product listing pages 1. HHGregg, a national electronics chain, steps it up a bit with their product page listing, but there is still some room for improvement. Google favors product pages … The product list effectively dictates product presentation and provides the pathway from category pages and search results to the all-important product page. Learn how to do it wrong and how to do it right by looking at four examples. An example of a category page from ASOS. All created by our Global Community of independent Web Designers and Developers. Many translated example sentences containing "product listing page" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. They do include some important keywords like “Sony”, “LED”, and “HDTV”. One level up, the category page is much different. Product thumbnails are important, especially for visually-driven industries such as beauty, apparel or travel. If your landing pages … Or just give us a call. LED Curved 2160p Smart 4K Ultra HD TV Black UN55JU6700FXZA – Best Buy. The goal of this evaluation is to show you what bad and good looks like, so that you have a clear picture of what to strive for. Simply put, you should ask yourself the following question: What are my customers looking for? Make sure your product launch meets all your business goals by choosing the perfect product landing page template from Envato Elements and ThemeForest. Go to WooCommerce > Product Listing Page to configure this plugin. $, , Customer reviews Log In To Add Your Review Sort reviews by: We are accepting reviews for this product, and will display them when we get a … The product name is not very big and is pushed to the right. Kudos for providing detail, but most of that detail is just part of a wall of text. But, at $1200 I’ve got a lot of anxiety about making the purchase. Make your website work overtime - so you don't have to. Simply put, you need to display information that will effectively help and convince consumers to buy. In fact, the number of products displayed per row depends on 3 main factors: If you choose to display big, high-resolution images; there’s no doubt that you will have a hard time squeezing more than 4-5 products in a row. Customer ratings are highlighted underneath the product name, and bulleted lists are used to share details in a concise and informative way. During our large-scale usability testing, solely the design and features of the product listing page impacted users’ success rate in finding products … But, there’s more further down the page. The page does provide social media share icons, but they are very small and unlabeled. Lush: Educate Your Visitors with Content. The description shown above the fold is concatenated gibberish. Fortunately, HHGregg did provide customer reviews for the product. Now, keyword optimization isn’t the only reason Best Buy ranks so well for this product page. Now that we’re clear on the criteria, let the evaluations begin…. We help any merchant sell any product through any channel. The first one is a link, then they become checkboxes with different options. Premium component by khatabwedaa. For a television, video is kind of irrelevant, but for the right kinds of products video can be very effective. Studio Neat. Store owners can certainly include more conceptual imagery, such as lifestyle photos and pictures of the product in a setting where it is in use. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer when it comes to choosing between list and grid views.

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