He then walked towards the locker room door, paused, looked over his shoulder, and said to them again, "Your fucking graves." A major goal, but no idea how to achieve it. Both genres have a lot to learn from each other and can borrow sounds and ideas to achieve something new.”. According to the researchers, “Fear and anxietywere reported as positive predictors of conspiracy beliefs. Following up his 2020 summertime anthem “Touch,” Big Wild returns, this time with a statement to make. Asked by ghdkjsgkls g #239519 on 3/26/2012 7:19 PM Last updated by Aslan on 3/26/2012 8:17 PM Answers 1 Add Yours. The documentary Of Miracles And Men, which was directed by Jonathan Hock, premiered on ESPN in 2015 as part of the channel's 30 for 30 series. The Soviet players were so upset at their loss that they did not turn in their silver medals to get their names inscribed on them, as is custom. The Soviet Union took the silver medal by beating Sweden. The director, Erin Galey, shares her thoughts on the video: YES!" In 1999, Sports Illustrated named the "Miracle on Ice" the top sports moment of the 20th century. Of the 20 players on Team USA, 13 eventually played in the NHL. The film was dedicated to Brooks, who died shortly after principal photography completed. The two teams played again the next night, with the US winning handily 9-0. A made-for-TV movie Miracle on Ice, starring Karl Malden as Brooks, Steve Guttenberg as Craig, and Andrew Stevens as Eruzione aired on ABC television in 1981. Sportscaster Al Michaels, who was calling the game on ABC along with former Montreal Canadiens goaltender Ken Dryden, picked up on the countdown in his broadcast, and delivered his famous call:[53]. “Who Do You Believe” prominently features psychedelic influence throughout, what do you think is the overlap between psychedelic rock and electronic music? Sheldon appears at the movies on their date and asks Amy to be his girlfriend. The next album Big Thing (1988) yielded the singles "I Don't Want Your Love" (number 4 in the US), and "All She Wants Is" (the last top ten hit in the UK until 1993). [31][32], In the other group, the Soviets stormed through their opposition undefeated, often by grossly lopsided scores. According to Mike Eruzione, coming into the dressing room for the second intermission, Brooks turned to his players, looked at them, and said, "If you lose this game, you'll take it to your fucking graves." This moment is yours. The Soviets were led by legendary players in world ice hockey, such as Boris Mikhailov (a top line right winger and team captain), Vladislav Tretiak (the consensus best goaltender in the world at the time), the speedy and skilled Valeri Kharlamov, and talented, dynamic players such as defenseman Viacheslav Fetisov and forwards Vladimir Krutov and Sergei Makarov. In 2004, Walt Disney Pictures released the film Miracle, directed by Gavin O'Connor and starring Kurt Russell as Brooks. [19] Nine players had played under Brooks at the University of Minnesota (including Rob McClanahan, Mike Ramsey, and Phil Verchota), while four more were from Boston University (Dave Silk, Jack O'Callahan, goaltender Jim Craig, and team captain Mike Eruzione). In the waning seconds of the first period, Dave Christian fired a slap shot on Tretiak from 100 feet (30 m) away. The video features Jackson Stell (aka Big Wild) as a media manipulator firmly in control until the screen drops away. It's kind of corny and I could see them thinking, 'Here goes Herb again....' But I believed it."[21]. Animal trafficking is also commonly associated with the fur farming and wild fur harvesting industries. Kharlamov fired the puck back in as the clock ticked below 20 seconds. Welcome to This Big Wild World travel blog! Political interpretations of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz include treatments of the modern fairy tale (written by L. Frank Baum and first published in 1900) as an allegory or metaphor for the political, economic, and social events of America in the 1890s. More dream big quotes. Defend your answer with examples from the story. Soviet emigrant Victor Nechayev made a brief appearance with the Los Angeles Kings in the 1982–83 season and, during the 1988–89 season, the Soviet Ice Hockey Federation agreed to let veteran Sergei Pryakhin join the Calgary Flames. The 1980 U.S. Olympic team featured several young players who were regarded as highly promising, and some had signed contracts to play in the NHL immediately after the tournament. Furs. Five seconds left in the game. Moments after Eruzione's goal, Maltsev fired a shot which ricocheted off the right goal post. The final episode of People's Century, "Fast Forward", featured the Miracle on Ice as illustrating the Cold War. [55] After the gold medal-securing victory over Finland, they received a congratulatory phone call from President Jimmy Carter. His multi-faceted skillset is well documented, but “Who Do You Believe” is certainly a resume booster, even for him. The Soviets won the encounter 7–5 and won the gold medal, while the U.S. placed seventh. This page was last edited on 8 April 2021, at 01:41. [4][5] Two days later, the U.S. won the gold medal by beating Finland in their final game. [56], During the broadcast wrap-up after the game, ABC Olympic sports anchor Jim McKay compared the American victory over the Soviet professionals to a group of Canadian college football players defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers (the recent Super Bowl champions and at the height of their dynasty). Brown.edu. “I don’t think screens are going away anytime soon, and ironically the tools and apps used to “connect us” make us feel more separate, divided, and lonely. [46] Only a couple of shifts later, Mark Pavelich passed to Eruzione, who was left undefended in the high slot. The Soviets dominated play in the second period, outshooting the Americans 12–2, but scored only once, on a power play goal by Aleksandr Maltsev 2:18 into play. 39. Myshkin stopped a Mike Ramsey shot, then U.S. team captain Mike Eruzione fired a shot wide. Late in the power play, Dave Silk was advancing into the Soviet zone when Valeri Vasiliev knocked him to the ice. [80] Fetisov was a teammate of Mike Ramsey on the 1995 Detroit Red Wings team that lost the Stanley Cup Final to Neal Broten and the New Jersey Devils. Tim Treadwell (born Timothy William Dexter; April 29, 1957 – October 5, 2003) was an American bear enthusiast, environmentalist, and documentary filmmaker and founder of the bear-protection organization Grizzly People.He lived among coastal brown bears … [6][7], The victory became one of the most iconic moments of the Games and in U.S. sports. [27] Believing the team wasn't putting up sufficient effort, an angry Brooks had them skate Herbies after the game and, after a while, arena custodians turned the lights off and the Herbies continued in the dark. Who’s to say there aren’t a couple of 1,500-pound piney wood rooters out there? ‘Do You Believe In Magic?’ Wild Honey Salutes The Lovin’ Spoonful In Autism Think Tank Fundraiser 7:47 AM, Monday, 3/16/2020 ... “You’re a Big Boy Now,” was a highlight.) Big Wild "Who Do You Believe": Who do you believe? From that team, Tretiak, Kharlamov, Makarov, and Fetisov were eventually enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame. call, were from the original broadcast and used in the film since the filmmakers felt that they could not ask him to recreate the emotion he felt at that moment. That's why you tell a lie in the first place, isn't it? Who do you believe? The Soviet Union had won the gold medal in five of the six previous Winter Olympic Games, and they were the favorites to win once more in Lake Placid. Though the Soviet Union was a four-time defending gold medalist and heavily favored, the United States upset them and won 4–3. As his team ran all over the ice in celebration, Herb Brooks sprinted back to the locker room and cried. How do you reconcile the consequences, positive and negative, of our increased reliance on screens to communicate with each other? After two periods the Soviet Union led, 3–2. [47] This goal gave Team USA a 4–3 lead, its first of the game, with exactly 10 minutes remaining to play. But, Ganon always appears due to a curse from Skyward Sword. [37] The home crowd waved U.S. flags and sang patriotic songs such as "God Bless America". Big Things! But we had to get to the point to be ready to pick up the knife and hand it to them. Only the team captains remained on the podium for the duration. The director, Erin Galey, shares her thoughts on the video: The video asks us to consider who’s creating the narrative in today’s world, and whether we can (or should) attempt to control one another’s experiences or thoughts. Anyone can say anything, and there are no systems of checks and balances when it comes to fact-checking statements being propagated on social media, nor in the mainstream media these days. [24] Before the game, Brooks read his players a statement he had written out on a piece of paper, telling them that "You were born to be a player. But here's the amazing thing: The bigger the lie, the more people believe it. JOIN [1] Then came a stunning 7–3 victory over Czechoslovakia, who were a favorite for the silver medal. Living in Portland especially, with the wildfires and the Antifa rumors surrounding them and the (false) narrative that it’s a wildly anarchist state, I’ve been seeing firsthand the effects of misinformation and I wanted to make sense of that, to speak my own truth in what I’m seeing in a sea of narratives and agendas. [26] From the start of the exhibition matches, he conducted the team through skating wind sprints consisting of end line to blue line and back, then end line to red line and back, then end line to far blue line and back, and finally end line all the way down and back. Vladimir Krutov was sent to the penalty box at the 6:47 mark of the third period for high-sticking. Near the end of the exhibition season, Brooks, because of subpar play, threatened to cut Eruzione (the captain) from the team and replace Craig with Steve Janaszak as the starting goaltender, although he had supported them throughout.[21]. The victory was voted the greatest sports moment of the 20th century by Sports Illustrated.[61]. [21] On September 17, the team played to a 3–3 tie in Norway. The game was tied 2–2 after overtime before the Americans prevailed in an eight-round shootout, with T.J. Oshie scoring on 4 of 6 attempts for the United States. I hope this piece inspires viewers towards open-minded discussions with their community, and maybe even a new community outside their comfort zone. To their surprise, Myshkin stayed in the game. [45] Johnson fired off a shot that went under Myshkin and into the net at the 8:39 mark, as the power play was ending, tying the game at 3. “The track itself was born out of a need to reconcile my own thoughts on the societal implications we’re all facing right now. Animals commonly associated with animal fighting include dogs, roosters, hogs, and others. Mike Mansell, the president of the club, said while the wild boar population is invasive, the sheer size of the pig Webb nabbed is rare. The documentary film Do You Believe in Miracles?, narrated by Liev Schreiber, premiered on HBO in 2001 and was subsequently released on home video.[84]. The semi-final match was played 22 years to the day after the "Miracle on Ice" game. Everyone in America knew what happened. [11] The Soviet team had not lost a game in Olympic play since 1968. So part of self-awareness is learning how to be efficient with your time and not going down a misinformation wormhole.”. In Liar Game, Fukunaga says this fairly often after tricking other players.Granted, this is the Liar Game, a 'game where you lie' so he's probably justified in questioning the other players' sanity when they believe his lies again. [62] Five of them played over 500 NHL games, and three of them played over 1,000 NHL games. I mean that in both ways. You were meant to be here. The Cold War on Ice XIV.2 (2008): 77–87. Through sounds and arrangement, we can trigger the imagination and create the experience of going somewhere. Eruzione, who had just come onto the ice, fired a shot past Myshkin, who was screened by Vasili Pervukhin. In 2004, ESPN, as part of its 25th anniversary, declared the Miracle on Ice to be the top sports headline moment and game of the period 1979–2004. They defeated Japan 16–0, the Netherlands 17–4, Poland 8–1, Finland 4–2, and Canada 6–4 to easily qualify for the next round, although both the Finns and the Canadians gave the Soviets tough games for two periods. [82] Both teams, however, failed to medal; the Americans finished fourth (losing to Canada in the semifinals), while the Russians placed fifth (losing to Finland in the quarterfinals). [78] Throughout the 1980s, NHL teams continued to draft Soviet players in hopes of enticing them to eventually play in North America. Some of the players took to calling these "Herbies". The Soviet team did not lose a World Championship game until 1985 and did not lose to the United States again until 1991. Before, this Hatred and Malice was contained within Ganondorf and controlled to a certain extent. What inspired you to make such a charged video and track right now? Do you have any tips for people as they try to navigate our digital age? "[44] Myshkin allowed no goals in the second period. The video features Jackson Stell (aka Big Wild) as a media manipulator firmly in control until the screen drops away. A You a Wild One? [Intro: 2Pac]Let us prayHeavenly Father, hear a nigga down hereBefore I go to sleepTell me, who do you believe in?Who do you believe in? A Digital Kingdom. 38. At the time, the players ascended a podium to receive their medals and then lined up on the ice for the playing of the national anthem, as the podium was only meant to accommodate one person. [13] Western nations protested the Soviet Union's use of full-time athletes, as they were forced to use amateur (mainly college) players due to the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) amateur-only policy. The Unified Team eventually won the gold medal, while the U.S. placed fourth. Bull Durham is a 1988 American romantic comedy sports film.It is partly based upon the minor-league baseball experiences of writer/director Ron Shelton and depicts the players and fans of the Durham Bulls, a minor-league baseball team in Durham, North Carolina.. So the morning of the game I called the team together and told them, 'It's meant to be. Get free homework help on Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild: book summary, chapter summary and analysis, quotes, essays, and character analysis courtesy of CliffsNotes. Conspiracy theories are a way of ma… Tikhonov replaced Tretiak with backup goaltender Vladimir Myshkin immediately after Johnson's tying goal,[41] a move that shocked players on both teams. However, the IIHF declined the request after the Soviets complained that it would cause the game to air at 4 a.m. Moscow Time, as opposed to 1 a.m. As a result, ABC decided not to broadcast the game live for the U.S. audience and tape delayed it for broadcast during its primetime block of Olympics coverage. Oh, and if you DO shoot an enormous hog, get a few pictures of you standing IN FRONT of it, not behind it. His new single “Who Do You Believe” touches on our worsening divisiveness caused by mass media, false narratives, and misinformation. The cover of the March 3, 1980, issue of Sports Illustrated was a photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier of the American players celebrating and waving an American flag;[40] it did not feature any explanatory captions or headlines, because, as Kluetmeier put it, "It didn't need it. The match has been dubbed by some as the "Marathon on Ice" due to its length. “I had a big dream. 11 seconds, you've got 10 seconds, the countdown going on right now! He believed it would be the only way for the Americans to compete with the Soviets. The Soviet goalie saved the shot but misplayed the rebound, which bounced out some 20 feet (6.1 m) in front of him. YES! "[60] The U.S. team also received the magazine's "Sportsmen of the Year" award,[21] and were also named Athlete of the Year by the Associated Press and ABC's Wide World of Sports. "The Mohawk down the back, the tusks really lean, the muscular big front end," Webb said. [40][58], Needing to win to secure the gold medal, Team USA faced a 2–1 deficit at the end of the second period. Tonight, a brand-new meaning to the term open house. I believe in Bigfoot as a symbol. The track being a commentary on modern media and the corruption of it all, it felt like it needed a visual element to really represent what we’re experiencing and seeing all around us, to drive the message home.”. [73] The U.S. eventually won silver, while Russia won bronze. In exhibitions that year, Soviet club teams went 5–3–1 against National Hockey League (NHL) teams and, a year earlier, the Soviet national team had routed the NHL All-Stars 6–0 to win the Challenge Cup. Makarov won the Calder Memorial Trophy as NHL Rookie of the Year in 1989–90, becoming the oldest player to win that award. [34] Before the game aired, ABC's Olympics host Jim McKay openly stated that the game had already occurred, but that they had promised not to spoil its results. [83] It incorporated actual game footage and original commentary from the 1980 Winter Games. [24] Tikhonov later identified this as the "turning point of the game"[42] and called it "the biggest mistake of my career". As people are anxious, fear a threatening situation, or have low perceived feelings of control over situations, they tend to conspiracies.” This was found to be especially true in people who have a need to exert control over their environment — they like the feeling of being in control at all times. The world is a strange, surprising place, in ways large and small, serious and trivial. Web. 13 Feb. 2017. At the 14:03 mark, Buzz Schneider scored for the United States on a 50-foot shot from the left boards to tie the game. In the end, the Soviet Union and Finland advanced from their group. As in 1980, the Soviets were represented by their star-studded veterans, while the Americans fielded a team of college players. The current media landscape is rife with issues, yet many of us are relying more and more on it to connect with one another as people remaining staying home to stay safe. You even made it a point for the video to end with “welcome to the world of technology,” what do you hope people take away from the video? At the 1981 Canada Cup, the United States, with seven players from their 1980 Olympic team, again faced the Soviet Union. ... Big life change. The track itself is a skillful blend of psychedelic rock and electronic music with piercing vocals arriving at its climax. [52] As the U.S. team tried to clear the zone (move the puck over the blue line, which they did with seven seconds remaining), the crowd began to count down the seconds left. All Chapters. [16][17][18], U.S. head coach Herb Brooks held tryouts in Colorado Springs in the summer of 1979. In the Soviet locker room, Tikhonov singled out first-line players Tretiak, Kharlamov, Petrov, and Mikhailov, and told each of them, "This is your loss! Al Michaels recreated his commentary for most of the games. The Soviet and American teams were natural rivals due to the decades-old Cold War. His new single “Who Do You Believe” touches on our worsening divisiveness caused by mass media, false narratives, and misinformation. So I started to study.” – Jacob Reimer. "The Cold War on Ice." The team consisted primarily of professional players with significant experience in international play. [48] As the minutes wound down, Brooks kept repeating to his players, "Play your game. Keep Up With Me Here. As the clock ticked down below a minute, the Soviets got the puck back into the American zone, and Mikhailov passed to Vladimir Petrov, who shot wide. The appeal of the mythical, wild man holds strong Bigfoot is still a big deal to many conspiracy theorists. Listen to content by Big Wild. [25] Through these games, Brooks instilled a European style of play in his team, emphasizing wide-open play with sufficient body contact. Do you believe in miracles? [79], In the 1989-90 season, Soviet authorities permitted six more 1980 Olympians – Helmuts Balderis, Viacheslav Fetisov, Alexei Kasatonov, Vladimir Krutov, Sergei Makarov, and Sergei Starikov – to join NHL clubs, but only after they agreed to play in their final World Championship (where they won gold). I want to thank Shameem Jamil, Daniel Sanford, and Erin Galey for helping bring the concept and music video together.”, Tags: big wild, Erin Galey, interview, Q&A, who do you believe. The Soviet Union entered the Lake Placid games as the heavy favorite, having won four consecutive gold medals dating back to the 1964 games. The two teams met again at the 1992 Olympics in a semi-final match. Big Bill, a Poland China breed, weighed over 2,500 lbs. The "Miracle on Ice" was an ice hockey game during the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York.It was played between the hosting United States and the Soviet Union on February 22, 1980, during the medal round of the men's hockey tournament.Though the Soviet Union was a four-time defending gold medalist and heavily favored, the United States upset them and won 4–3. With only four players with minimal minor-league experience, the United States was the youngest team in the tournament and in U.S. national team history. But contrary to popular assumption, folklore experts say, Bigfoot In Olympic group play, the Americans surprised many observers with their physical, cohesive play. In order to accommodate coverage of the men's slalom competition, portions of the game were also edited for time. Equally well-known was the television call of the final seconds of the game by Al Michaels for ABC, in which he declared: "Do you believe in miracles? Mark Johnson sliced between the two defenders, found the loose puck, and fired it past a diving Tretiak to tie the score with one second left in the period. While some stars had left the Soviet Union to play in the NHL, the Unified Team still boasted many veterans from their domestic professional league, while the Americans were represented primarily by college players. [85], Ice hockey game during the 1980 Winter Olympics at Lake Placid, New York, University of Wisconsin–Madison women's team, "Americans stun Czechs in Olympic ice hockey", "U.S. pucksters upset Czechs, boost medal odds", "U.S. defeats Finland, clinches hockey gold", "The 20th Century Awards: Sports Illustrated honors world's greatest athletes", https://www.csmonitor.com/1980/0415/041531.html, https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP80-00810A005900310006-0.pdf, "PROTESTING AMATEUR RULES, CANADA LEAVES INTERNATIONAL HOCKEY", https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/document/cia-rdp80-00810a005800260002-1, "TV SPORTS; 'Miracle on Ice' of 1980 Looks Different Today", "10 interesting facts you may not know about the Miracle on Ice", "Miracle on Ice: USA beats Soviet Union in 1980 Olympics", https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxnXqnRS3XQ, "USA holds off Russia 3–2 to advance to gold medal game", "Sweeping changes: Russian hockey looked different after '72 Summit Series", "Parable on Ice: Hockey, Capitalism and American Decadence at the Lake Placid Olympics,", "U.S. Defeats Soviet Squad In Olympic Hockey by 4–3", Miracle on Ice team to reunite for the 35 year anniversary, Miracle on Ice in MNopedia, the Minnesota Encyclopedia, Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year, History of the NHL on United States television, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Miracle_on_Ice&oldid=1016600482, United States Hockey Hall of Fame inductees, United States national ice hockey team games, Soviet Union national ice hockey team games, February 1980 sports events in the United States, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Well, people believe them. Call of the Wild Do you believe that every dog would be happier living free in the wild? Some believe that every Zelda is a reincarnation of Hylia, sometimes she is just a descendant and Link is the only one to reincarnate, while others believe it is just cosmic coincidence. The most up-to-date breaking news for the Minnesota Wild including highlights, roster, schedule, scores and archives. [36], With a capacity of 8,500, Amalie Arena was packed. Get unstuck. He'd push you right to the limit where you were ready to say, 'I've had it, I'm throwing it in' — and then he'd back off." Many of the Soviet players had gained attention in the Summit Series eight years before and, in contrast to the American players, were de facto professionals with long histories of international play,[12] employed by industrial firms or military organizations for the sole purpose of playing hockey on their organization's team. They played a total of 61 games in five months against teams from Europe and the United States. Soares, John. [35] ABC's 8 to 8:30 p.m. timeslot was instead devoted to the animated special The Pink Panther in: Olym-Pinks. to manage your permissions. [30] The game was also costly for the Americans off-ice, as defenseman Jack O'Callahan pulled a ligament in his knee; however, Brooks kept O'Callahan on the roster, which meant the U.S. was virtually playing with only 19 players throughout the tournament. There, the Unified Team (the successor to the Soviet Union) won 5–2. It was played between the hosting United States and the Soviet Union on February 22, 1980, during the medal round of the men's hockey tournament. In the four Olympics following their 1960 bronze-medal finish at Squaw Valley, Soviet teams had gone 27–1–1 (wins-losses-ties) and outscored their opponents 175–44. After the completion of the anthem, Eruzione motioned for his teammates to join him on the podium. The final ten seconds, however, and his "Do you believe in miracles? [8] As part of its centennial celebration in 2008, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) named the "Miracle on Ice" as the best international ice hockey story of the past 100 years.[9]. You make a clear statement on the divisiveness of modern media throughout your new video. Brooks continued the organization by campaigning for the players' selection of Eruzione as the captain, and Craig had been the goalie for him in the 1979 World Championship tournament. Tonight, a stunning look inside the world of real estate. The Brown Journal of World Affairs. The Soviets, trailing for the first time in the game, attacked ferociously. [21] The Soviets struck again when Sergei Makarov scored with 17:34 gone. Under Olympic rules at the time, the group game with Sweden was counted along with the medal round games versus the Soviet Union and Finland. USA [33]. By contrast, the United States' team, led by head coach Herb Brooks, was comprised of mostly amateur players. Who do you believe? [10] In head-to-head matchups against the United States, the cumulative score over that period was 28–7. So the weight is on our shoulders now to research where our information is coming from, to verify it against multiple sources and to really look at it from a critical place, asking who’s involved or who the stakeholders are in each piece of news we’re consuming. If you tell a really big lie, lots and lots of people will believe it, and they will believe it really deeply -- … Of the 20 players who eventually made the final Olympic roster, Buzz Schneider was the only one returning from the 1976 Olympic team. “Don’t put limits on yourself. The puck slid to Mark Johnson. [50] The Soviets began to shoot wildly, and Sergei Starikov admitted that "we were panicking." With only 16 percent of Americans Bigfoot believers, you might just write them off as crazy. [21], The average age of the U.S. team was 21 years, making it the youngest team in U.S. history to play in the Olympics (in addition to being the youngest team in the 1980 Olympic tournament), but Brooks knew the limits of every player. Play your game. So that people will believe it. !” – Mark Dudley. On February 9, the same day the American and Soviet teams met in an exhibition game in New York City, U.S. Secretary of State Cyrus Vance denounced the impending Moscow games at an IOC meeting. The "Miracle on Ice" was an ice hockey game during the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York. [77] The result stunned the Soviet Union and its news media. Starikov later explained that "We never did six-on-five," not even in practice, because "Tikhonov just didn't believe in it. There's no doubt that the big, lovable ape we know as 'Bigfoot' is controversial, serving as fodder for both serious study and great hilarity, with people generally divided as to whether it actually exists or not.

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